Will I be able to bring my pet?

/Will I be able to bring my pet?

Will I be able to bring my pet?

You will not have a problem if you are traveling with a dog or cat. However, birds will need to be quarantined so do not bring them with you. If you bring your dog or cat, you will need to bring certificate from your veterinarian that proves that your pet has received a rabies shot and distemper within 30 days of traveling to the Dominican Republic. The animal control agent at the airport will ask to see this document. The agent will look over the certificate and fill out an official entry for your pet. The entry fee is less than $10 US.

Before you travel with your pet, call your air carrier to find out the transportation details associated with traveling with your pet. Plan your trip early. Some airlines have quotas on the number of pets they will allow on a flight. If you are traveling on American Airlines, try to avoid connecting flights on American Eagle. American Eagle only transports pets that can fit onboard the plane under your seat. Do not forget to pack everything necessary for your furry friend to have an enjoyable stay in the Dominican Republic.

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