How do you pack a suit?

/How do you pack a suit?

How do you pack a suit?

Don’t wear that suit if you want it to arrive wrinkle-free. Instead, heed the advice of our style editor, Jayna Maleri: “Hold your jacket in front of you, with the front facing you, and fold length-wise in half away from you (so the buttons are on the fold and the shoulders are touching). Then carefully turn one shoulder inside out, and wrap it over the other shoulder (you’ll know you’re on the right track if the lining is now on the outside). Then fold the jacket one more time, in half width-wise. Fold your trousers carefully in half (use their natural crease as your guide), then place the folded jacket on top of them, near the knees. Fold the pants carefully around the jacket, and pack the bundle in the bottom of your luggage. Follow these steps and we promise, it won’t need a frantic steaming in the hotel shower.” (

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